Important FAQS

General FAQS

Write down the sexual concerns and difficulties you are experiencing. Try to be as specific as possible about your symptoms and how long you have been experiencing them. Dr.Ravindra will spend time talking with you about your sexual history as well as your medical history. Make a list of your medical conditions and all prescription and over-the-counter medications you currently take. You will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire that can be downloaded. Once you complete it, mail or fax it back prior to your appointment.

There are a wide range of tests that may be indicated depending on your medical history, symptoms and exam. Dr.Ravindra may order blood tests, radiology tests, a physical therapy evaluation as well as other tests.

Dr.Ravindra understands that talking about sex can be uncomfortable for many women. he will do his best to set you at ease and reassure you that your discussions are completely confidential. She is here to help. .

Dr.Ravindra wants to be very thorough to obtain a complete understanding of the sexual difficulties you are experiencing. Questions may focus on whether you are able to achieve orgasm, have pain with intercourse, or can be aroused. he will also discuss your birth control methods, previous surgeries or medical conditions that could be impacting your sexual response and the types of issues these problems are creating for you and/or your partner.

Absolutely! There are many reasons for sexual dysfunction, including our biology, our relationships and our lifestyle, and thus there are many solutions. Patients receive positive results from hormonal medications, changing existing medications, regulating medical conditions (such as thyroid, diabetes and hypertension), physical therapy, surgery and psychological therapy as well as other methods

Female sexual dysfunction is actually quite common, which is why Dr. Nagpal decided to open the Center for Sexual Wellness. In fact, many women experience physical sexual problems at some point in their lives. Sexual dysfunction can occur after years of experiencing a healthy, satisfying sex life, for a brief period due to a temporary medical condition or it may be a lifelong situation.